November 23, 2020

English Essay Format: Understanding Each Paragraph

English Essay Format: Understanding Each Paragraph

An English essay format encompasses the research questions, the paper outline, key points, main ideas, and a conclusion. It helps writers structure their content to sound logical and coherent. A consistent essay format covers the entire essay including introductions, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Below are sections that make up the essay.

Topic sentence

Topic sentences define the essay’s focus to the reader. They should hook the audience and make sense to the text. A topic sentence should answer a question posed in the text. It should show the point you intend to address or relay from the topic.


The introduction helps summarize your essay. A good introduction should describe your topic and hook the reader’s attention. It should cover the main points of the essay. It also gives a brief background of the entire piece.


The body section of an English essay provides facts, figures, and citations to support your stance. Each section also goes back to the introduction. An outline for the body follows this outline:

  1. The start of a new paragraph is where a new fact will be highlighted. Choose a topic sentence to start your paragraph. It would help if you stressed the significance of the item and a catchy name.
  2. In the next paragraph, you will give factual information about the item. The key points of your writing should be backed with credible information. Break down the complex information without losing information’s meaning.
  3. A debatable quote should be used in the third paragraph. It should be a fact. Use the quote if you feel the author failed to back up their claims with evidence.


The conclusion provides a summary of the entire essay. It contains the key points of the essay. It also uses the research questions and ideas from your essay. Keep the ending simple but honest. After making a connection in the essay, remove any fluff or concepts with no supporting information.


A sentence follows a paragraph when it comes to English essay format. There are three types of sentences. They are used when defining a concept, making a comparison, or relating information to another event.

  • Presenting data from one’s study to fit a specific figure
  • Encapsulating thoughts as you explore a research problem
  • Formatting the research question and point and drawing attention to the reason for doing the research.


Transitions are used to link ideas in English essay format. A transition is a phrase that connects two ideas to make a complete sentence. In this case, using a question mark allows the writer to decide the content or ideas to highlight in the paragraphs. They should also introduce and connect the major points in the paragraphs.


The easiest way to achieve a high-quality English essay is by referencing your sources. It is important to note down the references in the referencing section in the body. Failure to this, your entire essay will be considered in violation of the guidelines. 

The steps outlined above should help you to work on the English essay format without much hassle. It is recommended to research for a better essay format that will suit your writing style and thesis statement. Apply the above essay format to your essay. Ensure that you avoid clichés in your work to keep your essay interesting.

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